Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance

In a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship, MCI Assist has rigorously assessed its environmental performance for the year 2021, scrutinizing various pivotal factors:

MCI Assist meticulously identifies and evaluates environmental facets pertaining to its operational processes. Additionally, it discerns indirect environmental impacts stemming from its activities, implementing stringent controls. All environmental aspects are subject to operational checks, with a concerted effort to minimize significant aspects under its control.

Since 2021, MCI Assist has set forth a paramount objective to further curtail electricity consumption.

With 7 robust environmental indicators in place, MCI Assist effectively monitors all facets concerning the company. The metrics confirm compliance with predefined benchmarks, showcasing a progressive reduction trend year after year, ensuring a continuous enhancement in environmental management.

MCI Assist has demonstrated being up-to-date both in knowledge of applicable legislation and in compliance with it. This compliance requirement extends to our suppliers, customers, and internal personnel of the company.

MCI Assist boasts comprehensive emergency instructions tailored to potential environmental contingencies associated with its operations. These protocols are readily available to all personnel and visitors. Environmental emergency drills yield favorable outcomes, underscoring organizational preparedness in the event of identified contingencies.


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