Medical Case Management

Unique Experience in the Medical Field
At the forefront of global assistance and insurance companies, we specialize in managing medical cases and incidents. We understand the challenge of controlling medical expenses, and with our extensive expertise in healthcare management, we're poised to help you save on unnecessary medical costs by ensuring that only appropriate and cost-effective treatments are administered, in line with insurance policy terms and conditions.
Unparalleled Medical Expertise
Our team of doctors and nurses is available 24/7, managing medical cases and delivering specialized support and healthcare to insurance and assistance companies. With our vast experience, we can assess the severity of each case practically from the moment the first call comes into our call center. We provide top-notch, cost-efficient medical management services, prioritizing the best interests of the patient within the insurance policy's terms and conditions.
Efficient Cost Management
Handling over 30,000 medical hospitalization cases, we tackle some of the most complex international medical scenarios imaginable. Over the years, we've honed the expertise needed to react appropriately and decisively in any situation, always acting in the patient's best interest within the insurance policy's parameters. Our extensive experience enables us to meet your needs efficiently in terms of cost for your company.
Comprehensive Case Management
All cases are handled by our team of nurses, supported by our doctors, available 24/7, 365 days a year (esto se repite mucho aunque está en páginas diferentes por lo que lo mismo no habría problema). Our medical expertise ensures that all treatments and costs are appropriate, balancing the interests of the insurance company without compromising patient care.
Global Network of Recognized and Approved Providers
Our independence ensures the freedom to choose medical providers without any conflict of interest. With a worldwide network for cost control, we have access to negotiated discounts and pricing protocols, ensuring transparent cost management.
Total Cost Transparency
We believe in full transparency regarding costs, providing clarity and confidence in our services.


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